Saturday, May 9, 2009

Peanut Butter, Poop and Alimentum

You know what peanut butter is. And you most certainly know what poop is. But do you know what Alimentum is? Let me describe them in the order of their odor. If you like peanut butter, the aroma can be pleasing at first. Poop—well there is nothing pleasing about the smell. Then there’s Alimentum. Alimentum is a formula for babies who have dairy allergies. It’s smell? HORRIBLE! Maybe even worse than poop.

Yesterday was my day to wear all three fragrances. You see I was caring for my grandchildren, Analayne and Leighton, while Leeanne went back to work—her first day back since Leighton was born.

Picture Analayne and me eating peanut butter and crackers. Not uncommon for a three year old, she gets peanut butter on her fingers and before I know it, she wipes the gooey stuff on my capris. So much for that!

Let’s move to baby Leighton. He is sitting in his swing—happy as a lark. I thought to myself he must be “pooping” because he is always cheerful when doing his business. When he starts to crank up his motor, I know he’s done. He’s thinking get this mess out of my pants. So being the good Mimi I am, I pick him up to take him to the changing table for a clean diaper when I realize poop is everywhere! It’s leaking from his diaper--all down his leg, soaked into his blanket, and dripping on the floor. The floor I could get back to; the rest required haste. Somewhere in the transport, I manage to get poop on the sleeve of my shirt. Now I’ve got gooey peanut putter on my capris and poop on my sleeve. If you know babies, what happens when they have a big poop? They’re hungry, like famished they would have you believe. So being the good Mimi that I am, I make him a bottle of his formula—Alimentum. I cuddle him close and begin to feed him. A happy lad he is! Then I feel something wet. It’s Alimentum soaking through my shirt. Remember what I said earlier about Alimentum? It smells horrible—especially when it dries.

Finally dad Russell gets home from work. I tell them bye and give the “babies” hugs and I’m on my way. When I got home, I was glad to exchange my “mimi” clothes for some non-smelly duds.

Do I share this story to complain about the “fallout” from taking care of my precious grandchildren? No, not at all. As I see it, it is just life in the day of a Mimi who loves her children and grandchildren.

It is a joy to be a mom and a grand mom. And for me that’s the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day.


P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to any of you moms who might be checking in!

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  1. So glad to know that you are in the blog world! Enjoyed your "smelly" story!