Monday, September 7, 2009

Between the Cracks

Many of you know I have a granddaughter named Hadley. As of May 19, 2009, she is five years old. She is a most adorable child (even if I say so myself). Not only is she physically adorable, she has such a sweet spirit.When Hadley was born, she weighed a whopping 15 1/2 ounces. You read it right--less than a pound. Her dad's wedding ring could slide up and down her little arm and never touch. Hadley was in the NICU for 108 days and many of those days we did not know if she would be with us the next day, the next hour, or the next minute. But after 108 days she went home with her mom and dad. What a joyous day!

It may seem like I'm changing the subject but bear with me. Since I retired, I have really enjoyed flower gardening. The same summer Hadley was born, a flower, more specifically an impatient, grew up between the cracks in my garden walk. No easy feat for a fragile flower. That little flower thrived all summer and fortunately no one ever stepped on it. I guess they couldn't since it seemed to rear it's little head and say: "Please don't step on me. I'm too beautiful." I named the flower Hadley because it had something in common in with my precious little Hadley. It was beautiful. It grew. And it thrived in the most difficult of circumstances.

Hadley's name means "one of wisdom." I just love that. And I do believe God will raise her up to be a godly and wise women after His own heart. I have given Hadley's name another meaning--"one who grows between the cracks." Though Hadley started out most precariously, she now thrives. Praise be to our great God!

I love you, Hadley. Keep growing!

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  1. I remember that flower and I love the story. We love you and I love the way you are always looking at things. I appreciate you not missing "Hadley Flower" and tending to her (and my Hadley) the way you do....